Bailey Nelson
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Meet the team.


You and your fellow team members seem to have a really close relationship. Does this help you feel comfortable to be yourself at work?

My light and happiness comes from the people I work with and get to see everyday! It's not hard for me to shine and thrive when I am in such a supportive environment surrounded by so much positivity. I love trying new experiences and watching people step out of their comfort zone and then kill it! I think that got captured in the photos.


Who or what inspires you the most?

My husband, Matthew, inspires me to follow my dreams and be passionate at all times. He has taught me to have a positive outlook on life, even in difficult situations and to always challenge myself personally and professionally.


What is the best thing about working on Main St, such a diverse, interesting part of Vancouver?

I feel really grateful to be a part of the Main St. community! Every day going to work I feel comfortable showing up as my authentic self, wearing fun outfits, and strutting my stuff! I've been able to build such cute relationships with staff of other stores in the community, and been able to bring a few community members back to the store to get some frames! Our customers truly reflect these values as well, and knowing that I get to help people from such a diverse and lovely community get frames makes coming to work an absolute pleasure.


You and your fellow team members seen to have a really close relationship. Does this help you feel comfortable to be yourself at work?

Having a close relationship with your coworkers that have now become really good friends makes the time at work so much more enjoyable. Making it easier to be yourself, your friends help you get there.


What does it mean for you to be able to show up as your authentic self to work everyday?

Being able to show up as myself means that I can be an open and available part of the community. There are a lot of people who have questions about being part of the LGBTQ+ community and I want to be able to have people feel comfortable with asking me those questions when I have the answers for them. I try to be as open and available as I can because while the internet exists and you can look up certain things, some experiences are lived and are not necessarily shared with online communities in a way that is digestible to new and curious members.


Who or what inspires you the most?

Through travel; it takes me out of my comfort zone and it inspires me to see, taste and try new things. I'm constantly being challenged, not only to adapt to and explore new surroundings but also engage with different people, to embrace adventures and to share new and meaningful experiences with friends.


What is the best thing about working on Robson, such a diverse, interesting part of Vancouver?

The people I meet at Robson make it an amazing place to work. We have a great mix of international visitors and locals come into our location. The diversity in the crowd keeps every conversation engaging and interesting. I learn so many things from these interactions that I keep with me. I wouldn't trade this store for any other location.


How has working at BN been different to other roles?

Working at BN has allowed me to express myself through my clothes by not having a strict dress code! As a result, I can show up to work in outfits that make me feel the most confident and authentic, and I get to pair my looks with super sweet BN frames.


As a queer creative, what inspires you?

As a proudly queer creative, I take pride in creating a safe, welcoming and judgement free space for all of my subjects from all walks of life. From intimate portrait sessions, to full production campaign shoots - my goal is always the same: to build trust and cultivate warm connections with everyone on set so their truest authentic selves can shine through. I'm proud to say that I've made the toughest of cookies crumble. Creating this sacred space for people to be themselves inspires me.

We are proud to be donating $8,000 to Rainbow Railroad, a non-profit organization which helps 2SLGBTQI+ people find safety from state sponsored violence and persecution through resettlement and other programs.