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Everything is different and nothing has changed

We’re expanding our stores and our collections so we can give you the best possible eyewear experience. That means you’ll see a broader selection of styles, brand new store designs, and an enhanced in-store guest experience. Fear not – you can still find all your favourite eyewear online at And soon, we’ll be popping up in Canadian communities to get frames on faces. What we’re saying is, we’re still here for you. Things might just look different for a few weeks.

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Where can I buy Bailey Nelson glasses in Canada?

We’re revitalizing the Bailey Nelson experience and expanding across North America, starting with two brand new stores in Vancouver this spring. Soon, we’ll be on Robson Street and in Gastown, followed by more stores in Toronto in the fall.

We’re expanding our stores and our styles so we can give you the best possible eyewear experience. That means you’ll see a broader selection of our unique styles, brand new store designs, and an enhanced in-store guest experience. Soon, we will have optometrists in all our new locations, making each store your one-stop source for eye exams, eyewear and fittings.

In the meantime, you can still shop our collection at You can (and should) sign up for our new newsletter, and follow our new Instagram (@BaileyNelsonCA) and new Facebook for updates on store opening dates, pop up stores and community events that will take place over the coming weeks.

I purchased glasses at a store that is now closed. How can I exchange, return or fix my glasses?

We may be moving, but we’re still here for you! We’re sorry to hear you’re not yet satisfied with your purchase – let’s talk. Please get in touch by emailing and sending us your name and order details and we will help you out.

When will your Canadian stores be open?

This spring, we’re opening in Vancouver on Robson Street and in Gastown, followed by stores in Toronto in the fall. We’re expanding our stores and our collection so we can give you the best possible eyewear experience.

While we make the move, visit us at to browse our full product selection of the same classic styles you’ve always loved, plus brand new and exciting styles. If you follow our Instagram (@BaileyNelsonCA), Facebook or newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear about store openings, pop ups, and other updates.

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How do I send in my prescription?

If you’ve made a prescription purchase online please send us through a copy of your prescription, which includes your full name and the test date and expiry date to We will confirm once the prescription has been received and if we require any further information from you we’ll be in touch via either email or phone.

What Payment methods do you accept online?

We currently accept payments for online orders using VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. 

Do you offer multifocal or bifocal lenses?

Yes we do, however these need to be ordered instore as we don't currently offer these online. We will need to see you in person to ensure the perfect fit and take the right measurements once our new stores open. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when they open. 

Do you offer eye testing?

Yes! We will have optometrists available to test eyes in all our stores once they open. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop on store opening dates.

What are your frames made out of?

Our frames are made out of the highest quality cellulose acetates or metal alloys. Each sheet of acetate can take up to 10 weeks to create and all frames are cut individually. This means that every frame is unique.

What if I have an astigmatism?

No problem. Many of our guests have an astigmatism, and it is no trouble to fill these orders. 

What is my pupillary distance (PD)?

Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centre of both pupils in millimetres. The PD is required by our optical technicians to fit your lenses accurately and achieve the most effective and comfortable outcome for you. Ask your optometrist for this and they will include with your prescription.

What is your returns policy?

We are happy to accept returns any time in the first 30 days, and we will provide a full refund. All you need to do is drop us an email We can then arrange a Canada Post return slip to get them sent back free of charge. If you have any issues with the frames, lenses or any other part of our product, please send an email and we will do our best to sort it out straight away.

What prescriptions do you cover?

We can fill all prescriptions but will need to see you in store (coming soon) if your prescription is quite strong. With complex scripts we like to closely assess the frame fit and take some measurements. Please note that progressive lenses are not available for purchase online. Online we currently only offer our standard index lenses. If your script is strong and we think you would benefit from upgrading to thinner lenses we will give you a call before finalizing your order.

When will my glasses arrive?

Each pair of glasses is made up for your individual prescription. Once we have reviewed your prescription and have all the details we need, we can process your order. Most optical orders take around one week to process, while more customized lenses and prescription sunglasses usually take about two weeks. Once your glasses have been shipped you will receive a confirmation email, along with tracking information from Canada Post.

Why are the glasses so cheap? Am I missing something?

We are very proud of our frames and lenses, the only reason they cost less is because we are vertically integrated. This means we design and manufacture all our own frames, eliminating the unnecessary parts of the supply chain. There is no reason glasses should cost more than an iPad simply because they have a small brand name on the temple.

Can I order frames without lenses?

Absolutely. We will happily send you the frame only if you need to have your lenses fitted elsewhere. These will arrive with the same multicoat used on our prescription lenses so they will also look great if you just wear glasses for fashion.

My frames don't fit perfectly/my prescription doesn't feel right, what should I do?

If your frames don’t fit properly or you have any other concerns email us straight away so we can help. After assessing the situation we will work out the best solution for you.

Can I get high-index lenses?

We offer a range of high-index, multifocal and other more complex lenses in all of our stores. However for online orders you will only see our standard index lenses and standard polarized prescription lenses available. The reason for this is that we need guests with stronger prescriptions to visit us in store (coming soon) so that we can check the fit and take a couple of measurements. Your eyesight is our number one concern. If you place an order online and we notice your script looks a little more complicated than usual we will be in touch via either phone or email to work out your best option.

Tell me about your lenses?

We believe in using the finest lenses, and all our standard prescription lenses are 1.50 index multi-coat lenses, which means they are anti scratch and anti reflective. Each pair is fitted by expert technicians and checked 3 times independently to ensure optical quality.