Bailey Nelson
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An image of 5 different custom designed lens cloths for Bailey Nelson by Australian artists

Our lens cloths.

Introducing our latest collection of lens cloths, a collaboration with five talented artists who share our passion for eye care and spreading joy through beautiful design. These lens cloths are not just functional, but also works of art that showcase five unique designs by Australian artists, all with a variation of themes to elevate your glasses game.

An abstract print beige, black and white lens cloth designed by Holly Terry.

Holly Terry

Holly is a Melbourne based visual artist and yoga teacher. Creative since birth, she draws her inspiration from her yogic practices by exploring the depths and layers of both physical movement and form. Holly's work is feminine in form and colour using varying textures to create depth in her work. Holly respectfully acknowledges the original custodians of the land in which she lives and works, the Wurundjeri people.

Discover more about the artist: @hollyterry__

A geometric print pink and blue lens cloth designed by Brett Chan

Brett Chan

Brett is a man working on all frequencies. A talented and eclectic 'artist' by the true meaning of the word, being multi-disciplinary he works in paint, music, film and sculpture. He is a tripper who questions the fractal nature of our existence and challenges the complexities of human nature in all his works. A kiwi-born skater, he used to live in Bondi where he was very influential in Sydney's art scene. Brett now resides in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Discover more about the artist: @brettchanyes

A lens cloth with colourful illustrated women jumping and dancing designed by Marisa Mu.


Marisa is a Sydney based artist, designer and maker of colourful goods and works since graduating from the Bachelor or Design at The College of Fine Arts. Marisa's sole purpose is to spark happiness and positive change within people through her art. Painting has become form of therapy over the years and celebrating cultural diversity, womanhood and naked candidness is an embodiment of her personally and professionally.

Discover more about the artist:

An abstract geometric lens cloth designed by Nick Hernandez.

Nick Hernandez

Nick is an Aussie artist with Chilean roots. A self-taught artist and illustrator who is known for creating playful, geometric prints. His bold mural's use vibrant colours that make people happy. Living in Bondi, Nick finds his inspiration nearby, be it, everyday adventures, surfing, the beach, community and friends. Nick also has his own fashion label.

Discover more about the artist: @chocolateeinstein

A floral print lens cloth designed by Studio Dennis.

Studio Dennis

Self-proclaimed "mural artist, canvas painter" is otherwise known as Andrew Dennis. Andrew lives and works in Sydney and Studio Dennis is the collective name for a practise that works in multiple outputs such as mural painting, design, textiles and street graphics. Influences include 20th-century art, low brow comics, skateboard culture and points in-between. Studio Dennis has developed a unique visual language that is both complex and unique, resulting in a decorate wallpaper with subjects such as civilisation, future living, biodomes and animal behaviour.

Discover more about the artist: @studiodennis

Kids Collection

Our beautiful kids lens cloths were designed by one of our very own, talented BN store team members - Kait Bush from our Market Mall store in Canada. Each kids frame comes with a lens cloth and mini version of our BN glasses case in vibrant yellow.

Upgrade your eyewear game! Let us help you find the perfect glasses to pair with your limited edition lens cloth!

*Lens cloths are complimentary with every glasses purchase and are subject to availability.