We’ve been striving to Look Different since 2012, when the first Bailey Nelson opened in Australia. Back then, we wanted to make the eyewear industry more accessible by creating an experience that was as unique as the people wearing our glasses. We still work to live Look Different every day.

To mark the opening of our new Robson Street store, we’d like to see Look Different through the eyes of the people who matter most to us: you. We’re calling on the people of Vancouver to share their perspective with the hashtag #LookDifferentYVR.

That perspective is going to be important, because we're searching for one person to be our Look Different Scout. On August 3rd, when this project comes to a close, it’s just getting started for one Vancouver creator. We’re going to send one person to scout out where it all began - Sydney, Australia. Once selected, our Scout will embark on an all-expenses paid adventure to the home of Bailey Nelson to experience Look Different, Aussie style.

So, Vancouver, let’s see it: How do you Look Different at the world?

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