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Our Sun Lenses

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Our sunglasses aren’t just designed to look the part – they're a functional tool to protect one of the most vital organs; your eyes. 

You probably know that sunlight has harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but you may not know our eyes are ten times more sensitive to UV rays than our skin. UV rays penetrate various layers of the eye including the cornea, the crystalline lens and the back layer of the eye called the retina.

And that’s why we choose top quality sun lenses for our entire range of sunglasses. Our entire collection of sunglasses feature "category 3" lenses (in simple terms, they absorb almost all the UV radiation travelling towards your eye). 

In addition to great UV protection, all our non-scripted sunglasses feature lenses with a polarised filter. Polarisation is achieved by embedding tiny vertically aligned crystals that cut out the type of glare you might experience near the ocean, by the river or when driving on a sunny day. Usually sold at an additional cost, our polarised lenses come standard with all non-scripted sunglasses.

A selection of our sunnies also come with mirror coatings, and whilst this gives them an edgy aesthetic, mirror coatings serve the added benefit of reducing even more light from entering the eye. Bonus!

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