Meet The Team: Volume 3

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Name: Mike Bradley

Role: Optometrist

How long have you been with BN: I’ve been on the team for 6 months now. 

Store: Melbourne Central

What do you love about Bailey Nelson: I love the enthusiasm of our staff and the energy of Melbourne Central.  It rubs off on the patients who are excited about taking a piece of Bailey Nelson home with them, without breaking the bank.  We’ve created a welcoming environment where people hopefully look forward to having their eyes tested! 

Favourite Frame and Why: I’m stoked about my Joyce in cosmic tortoiseshell.  A classic shape with a newly iconic colour.  Awesome look with a rock solid construction.  I’m always surprised how many people it suits too.  

Most Interesting Patients: Everyone’s got an interesting story to tell if asked…  Over the years I’ve met artists, sportspeople, orchestra conductors, refugees who’ve fled war and people struggling with homelessness.  I’ve had an old patient who was an ex-politician from Mauritius who once played rugby against a touring All Black team travelling by boat to the UK.  I’ve had a patient who refused to tell me anything in his patient history and said that if I was good enough an Optometrist I’d find all his problems on my own.  Thankfully I did!  

Where are you from originally: I’ve gotten around, but I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand originally.   

Spare time: Hanging out with my girlfriend, riding bikes, running trails, followed up with beers in the sun with friends.  I’m learning about macro photography, sustainability and global eye health.  

Best Melbourne Bar/Restaurant: Rice Paper Scissors for dinner in the city or a beer by the fire at my local, Lazerpig in Collingwood.  




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