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Shub (short for Shubhneet) is the exuberant optometrist at Bailey Nelson Ponsonby. She sat down on a quiet January afternoon to talk with the Journal about adventuring in Auckland and beyond.

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Shub’s been with Bailey Nelson for just three months, which coincides with her move back to Auckland after a sojourn in Wellington. ‘I’ve got family here so I decided to come back for them. I grew up in Auckland.’

Shub didn’t come back for the city though, and ‘definitely not for the traffic’. ‘It’s more the people’ she says. ‘I love the beaches, though, I think that’s what I missed most when I lived in Wellington; the good hot summer weather’.

Some of Shub’s favourite beaches are a long way from the standard tourist fare. ‘I like the Waitakere Ranges. Even though [the beaches] are black sand, there are great hikes that you can do around there’. For resting on the white sand, Shub suggests Kohimarama, especially because ‘It’s quite close to the [Bailey Nelson] Ponsonby store and there’s a good ice cream shop nearby’. We're especially passionate about the latter.

Shub Image 2Hiking has become a bigger part of Shub’s life since returning. ‘I’ve done the Tongariro Crossing. It’s a 19km hike. I thought it’d be quite flat but it’s literally like climbing a mountain.’ For context, Tongariro is an active volcano. ‘It’s pretty slow going up, but it’s a little bit faster coming down. Your feet hurt from the impact when you’re running downhill though’, Shub says, but there's a payoff: ‘You get to see the Emerald Lakes – they’re beautiful. Although I did it on a cold, rainy day so I’d like to do it on a sunny day so I can enjoy the view of the lakes.’

‘After doing the Tongariro Crossing, that inspired me to do more in terms of hiking and training. I’m training for Round the Bays, it’s an 8.5km run around the Auckland bays. I did it a couple of years ago and the year before that. Now that I’m back in Auckland I’d love to do that and the Colour Run.’

Outside of NZ, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are in Shub’s sights. ‘I think I’d like to go to the Great Wall of China. Or, actually the pyramids!’Shub Image 3

You get the sense that Shub would like to go there with family. ‘My dad’s always like ‘what are your plans, what are you doing’. He’s always someone who has inspired me to do a lot better outside of work… He’s come from a business-y background. I think Dad always wanted to be in the medical profession, but never mentioned it to me. I was just always very science-y, and I wanted to do something to do with science. I also wanted to see patients – that was my goal.’

We’re delighted that we could help Shub make it there. She knows that her parents are proud ‘but I don’t think they say it as much as they should’, she laughs.

Photography by Emily Powell


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