Meet The Team: Volume 7

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Name: Harriet Merrony

Role: Store Manager 

Store: George Street, Sydney CBD

How long have you been with Bailey Nelson: I've been with BN since March 2014.  I started at the Paddington store with Josh and Sharon. 

What do you love about Bailey Nelson: The people, the product and the vibe!  The teams that we have at BN are just the most awesome dynamic bunch of people I have ever worked with.  The product, its incredible, beautiful and versatile.  Last but not least, the vibe of each store is so individual, it makes for a GREAT shopping experience :-)

Favourite Frame and Why: My favourite frame... hmm... that's hard as I have 20 pairs of BN's now!  Currently, my favourite would be the Bronte. 

Most Interesting Customers: I have a regular lady that comes in who is so obsessed with cats that she writes songs about them playing the Ukulele whilst meowing #legend

Where are you from originally: I'm from sunny Tenby which is in Wales, UK.  

Spare time: I volunteer with the State Emergency Services. So we help out when floods/storms. That takes up a lot of my spare time but when I'm not with the SES, I love to go sailing and enjoy long walks with my friends.  

Best Sydney Bar/Restaurant: Hmmm another tough one... There's an awesome bar called the Barber Shop, which is literally a Barbers Shop at the front but when you walk through to a secret door at the back, the bar appears! Its so cool!

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