Meet the Team: Dr. Vangie

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Meet the Team: Dr. Vangie

With 48 countries and countless adventures under her belt, our resident Robson Street optometrist, Dr. Vangie Tsui, brings a world of perspective to her practice. After an initial scare with her own father’s eye health, she was inspired to explore a career in which she could help others with their eye care. You can expect a straight-up, honest interaction when you book an eye exam with Dr. Vangie. You’ll see she’s committed to finding the right eye-care solution, while creating a wonderful experience for her patients.   

BN: Why optometry?

VT: My dad had a retinal tear and it scared me how close he was to losing his vision. That’s what sparked my interest. He had no symptoms and could have lost his sight had he not scheduled his yearly eye exam.

BN: What motivates you to create a better eye exam experience?

VT: I want my patients to think of me as their family doctor, for their eyes. I create fun and engaging eye exams in which we can develop a relationship beyond eye care. Come see for yourself! (no pun intended)

Photo of Vang

BN: What’s the most common question you get asked by patients?

VT: “What should I do if my eyes feel strained at the computer?” I recommend this simple exercise. Try the 20/20/20 rule. For every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.


“I want people to think of me as their family doctor, for their eyes.”


BN: What’s the biggest eye health myth you’d like to debunk?

VT: Many people think their eyes will get worse if they wear their glasses or contact lenses too much. Truth is, it’s not so much their prescription changing, but rather their point of reference changes after seeing “HD”. No one wants to go back to blurry vision!

BN: Contacts vs. glasses?

VT: If you need correction, I always prescribe glasses first. Contact lenses are a great addition, but often times, over wearing them can cause irritated eyes. Try getting into the habit of putting on glasses right when you get home.

BN: What did you do before Bailey Nelson?

VT: Before becoming an optometrist, I was a flight attendant. I’ve been to 48 countries, yet there’s so many places still waiting to be discovered.

BN: What can patients expect from Bailey Nelson eye exams?

VT: A stress free, fun, interactive experience. They’ll walk out fully understanding how to make the right choice for their eyes. A team of optical stylists and opticians will help guide them on the best frames and lenses for them.

BN: Frame style and why?

VT: The Emery's, They make me feel like a rockstar!


At Bailey Nelson, our approach to eye exams is just a little bit different. We start with a process that’s equal parts relaxed and professional, and we only partner with optometrists like Dr. Vangie who are passionate and genuine.

Book your eye exam at our newly opened Robson Street store today.

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