Meet The Team: Volume 2

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Name: Scott Triana 

Role: Store Manager

Store: James Street, Brisbane

How long have you been with BN: I’ve been with Bailey Nelson ever since the glory days of the Bondi Markets.

What do you love about Bailey Nelson: I love that we are able to create a retail experience that inspires customers to become brand advocates. These brand advocates are inspired to share the Bailey Nelson story and let everyone know that the industry is changing due to our efforts and passion for constant improvement.

Favourite Frame and Why: I love the Ellis because it allows me to channel my inner John Lennon.

Most Interesting Customers: Definitely the customers from the early days. Anyone that bought and lived in Bondi were treated to a personal delivery from a bow tie donning gentleman on a skateboard. 

Where are you from originally: I was born in Pennsylvania near the boarder of Canada. 

Favourite food: Cookies

Spare time: Hanging ten when the swell is up and the sun is out. 
Best Brisbane bar: Tipplers Tap in South Bank. The manager was an early James Street customer and now a great friend. They have the best craft beer selection in Brisbane and the bar has an epic atmosphere.

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